Become a SHIFT distributor

If you’d like to help us get SHIFT out to a wider audience, why not become a SHIFT distributor? Any business or non-profit can participate by registering to become a SHIFT distributor.

Becoming a SHIFT distributor means supporting independent media. SHIFT is dedicated to providing uncensored information, inspiration and empowerment to change-makers, while being beholden to no corporate, commercial, or political interests.

How do I become a SHIFT distributor?

Becoming a SHIFT distributor is easy. All you need to do is complete our application form with a few details, and specify the number of magazines you would like to order for sale at your outlet. Alternatively get in touch with us via our contact form.

We will add you to our website’s distributors’ list so that SHIFT supporters can search for a SHIFT vendor near them.

If you’re ready to take the plunge, you can fill out an application form online here (don’t worry if you make a mistake – you can edit your responses even after you’ve submitted the form):

SHIFT distributors display copies of SHIFT at their point of sale – be it a store, a café, a market stall, or an event stall – and cover their costs as they see fit. If you plan to give copies away, stock your public library with SHIFT, or provide copies for coffee-table reading material rather than sale, that’s fine too – great, in fact.

SHIFT distributors are entitled to sell SHIFT magazine at the recommended retail price, or name what you consider to be a reasonable price. Please feel free to consult us if you are unsure how best to price the copies you plan to sell.

SHIFT distributors are entitled to claim the proceeds of all their sales of SHIFT magazine for their operating costs.

SHIFT distributors are required to pre-pay for their order to reduce the administrative and logistical burden of post-payment. Orders will be dispatched after payment of invoice.

Below we have provided a chart that breaks down the cost of producing SHIFT magazine, and the cost of sending your order to any address in Australia. If you would like to distribute SHIFT outside Australia, please contact us and we will do what we can to arrange stock delivery at a reasonable cost.

Cost & pricing breakdown for SHIFT distributors:

A5 hard copies (SHIFT standard size)
 Order size A5 production cost Postage Total Cost per item
5 $20 $7.84 $27.84 $5.56
10 $40 $7.84 $47.84 $4.78
15 $60 $12.73 $72.73 $4.85
20 $80 $12.73 $92.73 $4.64
25 $100 $12.73 $112.73 $4.51
30 $120 $12.73 $132.73 $4.42
35 $140 $12.73 $152.73 $4.36
40 $160 $12.73 $172.73 $4.32
45 $180 $12.73 $192.73 $4.28
50 $200 $12.73 $212.73 $4.25

The recommended retail price for SHIFT A5 hard copies is $6

A4 hard copies (large print)
 Order size A4 production cost Postage Total Cost per item
5 $33 $7.84 $40.84 $8.17
10 $66 $12.73 $78.73 $7.87
15 $99 $12.73 $111.73 $7.45
20 $132 $12.73 $144.73 $7.24
25 $165 $12.73 $177.73 $7.11

The recommended retail price for SHIFT A4 hard copies is $9