SHIFT magazine is an independent non-profit magazine produced by an international network of volunteers, for change-makers of all stripes from around the world. Whether you are a resistor, a communicator, a community builder, an investigator, a networker or a nurturer, you have a part to play in the transition to a resilient future. Change is a collaborative endeavour, and one that needs a strong, independent voice.

Our goal is to shift the public and political discourse to those issues that impact society most strongly: economic and ecological sustainability and equitable access to resources. SHIFT also aims to inspire practical action among readers – action to preserve our vital ecosystems, action to build community resilience, and action to powerdown our way of life for a pathway to sustainability.

The SHIFT team is a coalition of volunteers who share a passion for independent and honest public discourse, and media that addresses society’s greatest concerns. As global change-makers it’s about time we stopped complaining about the meagre offerings of the mainstream media, and reclaimed the public discourse for ourselves. SHIFT encourages readers to submit their own contributions and participate actively in determining a new cultural discourse.

SHIFT magazine is produced by an all-volunteer team, and all contributors to SHIFT do so on a voluntary donor basis. We are resolutely non-commercial, so SHIFT contains no advertising – only the stuff our readers want to read. The magazine can be enjoyed in various formats to suit various needs, from hard copies delivered to your door to minimal ecological footprint e-readers, to browsing online.

Every copy of SHIFT is printed to order, in house, with no outsourcing, so that we maintain low enough costs to be able to remain commercial ad-free. Subscriptions and donations from our readers enable us to maintain the in-house printing facilities that enable SHIFT to be a fully independent magazine. Please consider making our day and subscribing to SHIFT, or making a small donation as a token of your support.

If you would like to support SHIFT but are not in a position to help financially, that’s no problem! Please support us by sharing SHIFT magazine with your networks, engaging with us on Facebook or Twitter, and letting folks know about our work.