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  1. This is brilliant well done. However I think it is talking about front-line non-violent warfare. I think that down-shifting is a front-line activity because the down-shifter is demonstrating life-style change in the field. But what about behind the lines? Just like in a violent war, you need support crews, supply lines, backup, moral support, do-it-yourself community based social support counselling, all behind the scenes and this should be included in the art of non-violent war so that everyone feels like they can play a role. The non-violent war is probably going to continue for the next fifty years as the state/corporations top-down power continues to yield the hammer and yield it with force, so there is time to still flesh this out. The structure of non-violent warfare needs to be more flat than vertical hierarchy otherwise unwanted power will concentrate among the transition movement as it politicises (which is not what you want)

    • There’s a book in that! And dammit, I’ll write it when I get the time! People are always passing on ideas that trickle into my pool of coalescing concepts for *the book* I will one day get around to writing…. This is one of the better ideas ;-)

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