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  1. I do not think that post-collapse technogies or even scientific knowledge will ever get anywhere close to today’s. And I am deeply sorry about it. Technologies have driven our brainless “development”, but knowledge in itself is a goal, and technologies should ultimately allow humankind to transcend our individual and planetary limits. We ought to dream and strive for something greater than spend time on Earth until some natural disaster wipes out life.

  2. But crows use high-tech! I’ve seen them willfully, intentionally, using automobiles!

    The scene: a small liberal-arts college campus, with big majestic oaks and a long, twisty, low-speed-limit drive.

    The crows see a car coming, and they fly up into the oak tree, pick an acorn, and drop it in the path of the oncoming vehicle. They then swoop down and pick up the acorn mean, sans the car-crushed shell! They have gotten so good at this that they can drop it right in the tire-track, so the car seldom misses.

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