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  1. Could I ask a question? With the seriousness of this in mind, can I have a bit of a laugh this article is also funny seriously (great job on golfing analogy). To pour a bit of a bucket of warm acidified water on us humans getting of the bunker on the 4th, it was an easy shot back onto the fairway because fixing the ozone layer was simple because we had a substitute chemical we could use without upsetting economic growth. It turns out that we didn’t fix the ozone layer anyway because it has grown back again as of 2010. On the topic of us being flawed golfers that cannot play a green to save our life, it is true that we have weaknesses. The problem is not the weaknesses, but that the system we have built to make our lives so called better deliberately plays to our weaknesses instead of playing to our strengths. It is like designing a golf course where there is no hole to sink the ball in. Thanks again for a great read. If only I could remember this list of nine things :-) kidding.