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  1. I appreciate the facts pointed out here which by now we should all know very well. What I’d like to see, what I would pay top dollar for front row seats to, is Guy acknowledging that the spraying is already taking place all over the US and in many other countries, and we are all being used as guinea pigs, as test subjects, including our little children. We’re being exterminated. Stand up Guy, and don’t be afraid because you are right, our days are truly numbered now. Just say it. For Gods sake, just admit that you are being sprayed too.

  2. Regular CONtrails by Jet aircraft with fuel enhancers & additives have long been a form of atmospheric injection. Ice 9 anyone?

    • Its regular ice in those contrails. We have to stop the methane in the arctic seabed and permafrost from getting into the atmosphere or there will be a disaster that might kill billions or even destroy all life on earth! I’m planning a crowdfunding campaign for a plan I have.

    • The only thing I’ve come up with is a worldwide full-court press to develop and deploy Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactors driving Brayton Gas turbines by the thousands. Some to generate power to replace all the ancient BWRs and PWRs and all carbon fuels. Some could then be dedicated to atmosphere process by removing CO2 and directly creating diethyl ether, a replacement for diesel and ethanol or methanol for spark ignited engines.
      Oh. I’m no longer complaining about plastics that last for hundreds of years….I now call it carbon sequestration.

  3. Spot on. Lets also not pretend that this has been already going on for at least 2 years by my observations.

    • Yup. Right over the top of my roof at low enough altitude I can practically reach up and grab a wing.

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