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  1. We just have to keep bringing it up and bringing it up until it stops being taboo. We’ll need to be strong, but we have to do it.

  2. Not only do I agree with you but you are an amazing writer. Be grateful you have the perspective to zoom out and see what’s really going on.

  3. Nothing in the article about the easy solution: Making it possible for women to prevent as many pregnancies as they intend by making effective contraception (not the pill or the condom, or withdrawal, which are the 3 most popular methods) affordable, without barriers, and well-known. 50% of pregnancies in the U.S. are unintended. The pill is much less effective than the IUD and the implant.

  4. Great post! There are some other unspoken, accepted rights that drive me crazy. One is to burn whatever you want – tobacco, wood, oil, gasoline, coal, garbage – and send the smoke and fumes and toxins into the air. Another is to make noise with mechanical equipment – planes, motorcycles, helicopters, cars, trucks, trains, lawn mowers, weedwackers, hedge trimmers, and leaf blowers regardless of whether anyone else wants to hear the racket. Yet another is the right to apply chemicals to the soil and plants which then drifts via air and water into the rest of the ecosystem. The nitrogen cycle is one of the nine boundaries long since deemed exceeded, and that is the reason that the air is toxic with ozone, which is causing epidemics of opportunistic insects, diseases and fungus that are killing the trees. ALL of the trees, all over the world. You might want to cover that problem as part of this series. Links to science here: http://scienceblogs.com/gregladen/2013/01/29/whispers-from-the-ghosting-trees/

    • Yes, we need more communications like this, something we certainly don’t get from major corporate media, which are on a clear propaganda campaign telling us to grow, grow, grow, including that they wrongly imply that overpopulation, if a problem anywhere, certainly isn’t here in the U.S.A. Wrong! We are the world’s 3rd most populated nation, behind only China and India, and with some annual variability, one of 8 nations fueling HALF OF ALL GROWTH ON THE PLANET, and that absent acknowledgement or any national discussion about whether we indeed want to risk being a BILLION Americans sometime early next century. Of course, that’s a global problem because we’re talking high-carbon footprint Americans here, and key is that 82 percent of our growth is from nearly the highest rates of immigration in our history, with many of those people moving from low-carbon nations to our pig-carbon nation.