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  1. Reading the article leads me to sobs and tears of joy in knowing people like McPherson exist out there, and though isolated and alone where I sit writing this, I hope others of good will including Guy McPherson will connect with me NOW(!) by writing (and not spamming or otherwise abusing me) at the internet address shown in the details provided, i.e., [email protected]. Together as Guy writes, the few like myself who remain out here in acts of rebellion a la Camus, as related by McPherson in his article, do relish and even require some “companionship”, in our otherwise isolated existential state. If we can connect in some mutually caring way, we can, I believe, better face the likely end NTHE foretells. Facing it not just “alone” but with those others who find final joy with those like ourselves in understanding both the wonder of us ever having arrived in this universe at all, as well as knowing the calm acceptance of our end as both individual humans (i.e., as individual Homo sapiens, L., per our zoologically specific naming,) as well as in meeting the end of our species, with increasing likelihood, if not yet absolute certainty through our species passing, as a whole.

    Best in goodwill and caritas to all of you who may read what I here write … and understand, as my beloved fellow human beings waiting with me for whatever end may yet come, not in either fear or in gladness, yet still, in my case fighting in non-violent resistance, and alone much like perhaps “The Lone Samuri”, in a state of Camus’s “rebellion”, as I now live in the fourth quartile of a century since I came originally mewling or perhaps loudly bellowing, with that first full breath, when coming forth from my mother’s womb.



  2. I appreciate you very much, Dr. McPherson & follow your blogs regularly. I cannot wait to order your new book with Carolyn Baker whom I admire very much! DrDignity

  3. Well written, well-documented, and concise. To first comprehend this reality may cause one to enter the Five Stages of Grief. That’s ok, you can work though it. NTHE will be the reality, and all the debate in the world won’t change that coming reality.

  4. We are alive and we have today. Tomorrow is uncertain for us all. I suspect like many people i know, all eventually move towards respecting each moment as special and strive to be the best humans we can be. Thank you for putting this together Guy, There is no real way to avoid the truth whether we *believe or disbelieve* the facts. The processes themselves march on irrespective.